X-TREME X-MEN #5#6#7#8 - MARVEL COMICS (2001)


Various plot threads start tying together as the X-Treme X-Men unravel Sebastian Shaw’s plan to become king of the Australian underworld. Gambit searches for Rogue, but he still manages to make time for other damsels in distress on his way. Bishop and Teri Baltimore round up a large band of criminals. Rogue continues to serve as a manipulated weapon of destruction while Lady Mastermind uses her to savagely attack the rest of the X-Men. After nearly killing Storm, Rogue tries to destroy the rest of her teammates believing them to be the team’s enemy Vargas. Once Thunderbird defeats Lady Mastermind, her illusion weakens and Rogue regains her sense of reality just in time to stop herself from killing the people she cares about. Red Lotus fights Sebastian Shaw to a standstill in a valiant effort to rescue Sage, but it may take a miracle to save Sage’s mind, as she trapped in Lady Mastermind’s illusionary world.