WAR MACHINE #10#11#12 - MARVEL COMICS (2002)


U.S. War Machine is an American comic book series which was published by Marvel Comics. It was one of the launch titles for the company's mature readers Max imprint, and used an experimental format - it featured no adverts, black-and-white art and was a weekly title. While based on extant Marvel characters, the series was reimagined by writer-artist Chuck Austen and took place outside the regular Marvel Universe. Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, decides to announce the company's withdrawal from weapons manufacturing after an incident in Latveria where he was forced to use the experimental War Machine MP1-2100 mobile infantry suit personally after a run-in with Victor von Doom's security forces. This includes discontinuing the US military contract for the War Machine; instead, he unveils a downsized version that will be used exclusively by his bodyguards, the SI1-221 Iron Man. However, the announcement is overshadowed when pilot James Rhodes takes a War Machine prototype as he was running late for a date, only to end up executing A.I.M. agents live on TV after a botched, impromptu attempt to rescue a woman they were holding hostage leaves seven people dead.