THOR #36#37#38#39#40 - MARVEL COMICS (2001)


On a fishing trawler off the coast of Norway, Sven and Arnoldus are working to bring in their catch, when a strange medallian is found in their haul. Sven picks it up, and is surprised at how hot it is despite being in the frigid seas. In the Woodrow Wilson Correction Facility just north of Syracuse, Loki, trapped in the body of Loren Olson, is about to be killed by some other inmates, when they are all frozen. He beings looking around trying to figure out what has happened, when Karnilla appears before him, revealing that she is their source of their paralysis, and has come to free him. In New York, Sif brings the burned body of Jake Olson into the emergency room, where Jane begins working on him. In Asgard, Odin and the Asgardians are celebrating, when a hammer crashes into a pillar next to Odin. The Warriors Three leap to the defense, only to stop short when they realize that it's Thor Girl. She is enraged that Odin would let his son suffer like he is, and Odin tells her that he must suffer through his punishment on his own for turning his back on Asgard in the hour of its greatest need. She turns and leaves, and just then, Volstagg bursts into the room and alerts Odin that their prisoner sounds awake. At the same moment on Earth, the spiritform of Loki is looking for a victim to make use of Jake Olson's helplessness, and comes across Thor Girl, and decides she will be his assassin. Later, inside the hospital, Sif and Jane are discussing Jake's condition, when the Destroyer bursts through the wall. Hescamar, in his form as Marnot, manages to save Jake, and restore his godly form so that he can protect himself. Jake then changes to Thor, and begins to battle the Destroyer until he discovers the spirit of Tarene is the one animating it. Back in Norway, the fishing trawler has put into port, when one of the dock workers goes onboard to see where everyone is, and finds them all dead. Except for Sven, who walks through the town with his eyes ablaze with fire, and the medallian around his neck.