THOR #24#25#26#27 - MARVEL COMICS (2000)


On the world of the Designate, where Thanos and Mangog have exterminated all its inhabitants and kidnapped the Designate, Firelord, Thor, and the Recorder are still one step behind Thanos but remain determined to stop him. When Firelord manages to track the essence of the Illumination Stone, Thor uses Mjolnir to breach the dimensional gulf of space to transport them there. Meanwhile, Thanos, Tarakis, and Mangog are aboard Thanos' ship with the captive Designate and heading to where they can create the most destruction. In the Troll Domain, Orikal shows Odin what is happening aboard Thanos' ship and warns him that the All-Ending shall befall them before the day ends. At that moment, Balder returns with Jagrfelm who wants Odin to make him the master of a hidden item in his sack before he'll do anything. With some reluctance, Odin does so and Jagrfelm begins work forging weapons. Thanos and his allies arrive on a lifeless ice planet and prepare to begin the Finality but then the heroes arrive and the battle is joined. As Thor battles Mangog, Firelord strikes at Thanos until Tarakis assumes his true form and attacks Firelord. When Thor is briefly occupied by protecting the Designate, he is blasted by Tarakis, causing Firelord to attack him again. Having had enough of Firelord's interference, Tarakis blasts him deep into the ice, leaving him entombed there. The Recorder wonders aloud if he should try to help but this irritates Thanos who shatters much of his body. Meanwhile, Mangog has not yet fallen to Thor and when the Asgardian is momentarily distracted by trying to get the Designate to safety, Mangog savagely attacks and begins pounding on Thor relentlessly. Mangog finally renders Thor unconscious, leaving no one left to stop Thanos from unleashing endless death.