The Sentry was first introduced in his 2000 eponymous Marvel Knights miniseries written by Paul Jenkins with art by Jae Lee. The miniseries ran for five issues and then segued directly into a series of flashback one-shots in which the Sentry teamed up with the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Angel of the X-Men, and the Hulk. Middle-aged, overweight Bob Reynolds remembers that he is Sentry, a superhero whose "power of one million exploding suns" is derived from a special serum.Realizing that his archenemy the Void is returning, Reynolds seeks out several prominent Marvel characters to warn them and to discover why no one remembers the Sentry.

The Golden Guardian and the Green Goliath team up! The Hulk has been many things over the years. Rampaging, savage...even intelligent. But did you know he was once a sidekick?