THE RIDE #1#2#3 - IMAGE COMICS (2004)


Hop in the passenger seat and buckle up for a new series about a 1968 Camaro and the people who come in contact with it. Each story arc focuses on a character whose life is dramatically affected by a situation involving the vehicle. Is it stolen? Is it cursed? Is it simply a car, or something much more? A diverse body of creators will showcase their unique talents and show you THE RIDE of your life! "Wheels of Change," Meet Samantha Vega, a rookie detective with the Atlanta P.D. During a drug stakeout with her grizzled veteran partner, Frank Simms, she learns of her brother's brutal murder in a small college town. Now, the two cops must survive a fiery road trip in order to find her brother's killer. Don't miss the first issue of this innovative new series!