Hyperion comes to the rescue of a building on fire which he saves everyone inside the inferno. The entire rescue is caught on live television and is watch by the handlers of Project Hyperion. Special Agent Bryce of the NSA, who is newly assigned to the Project, is agitated in seeing Hyperion's powers being use for heroics rather than being originally use to further the United States' agenda, and bringing his argument to General Casey. The General tries reasons with Bryce that ever since Hyperion had been made public they couldn't have him being sent on covert operations that could raise obvious suspicions tying to Hyperion. But instead they are using Hyperion as a front for the public eye while another operative, Joesph Ledger, have been secretly filling Hyperion's original operations. But Bryce is still not content of Hyperion's abilities being wasted on heroics which is why the NSA have gain the rights in overseeing the Project after allowing military intelligence to bringing Hyperion to the public. Meanwhile Hyperion is approached by a stranger who thanks him for what he is doing and slips him a piece of paper containing coordinates to "what [he is] looking for."