SUPERBOY #80#81#82#83 - DC COMICS (2001)



Roxy's condition has not changed and Doc Angel is not sure how best to proceed. Director Cannon brings in Dr. Sarah Charles, a former associate of Doc Angel's, though there's some bad blood between them. Their bickering takes their attention off of Roxy, whose condition gets worse. This upsets Superboy and he demands that they shape up. Roxy's state has Superboy on edge so Serling Roquette decides to try and cheer him up. Roxy suddenly shatters out of her tube, transformed into her alien flame form, and mad as hell. Superboy tries to reason with her, but she does not want help. Roxy blasts out of Cadmus and flies to nearby Kurtzberg with Superboy in hot pursuit. Guardian and Heat Wave insist on going after them, despite still being in recovery from their encounter with Ripjak. In Kurtzberg, Roxy starts firing flame bursts at everything in sight. When Superboy tries to confront her, she sets her sights on him. Guardian and Heat Wave get there and manage to lend a hand at keeping civilians safe but Roxy is uncontrollable. Quick as a Flash, Jesse Quick is on scene, the rest of the Titans arriving in tow: Nightwing, Argent, Troia, Tempest, and Arsenal. Tempest tries to freeze out Roxy but she won't be contained. Nightwing orders his team to take her down but Superboy puts himself in the way saying that the team will have to go through him to get to her.