(a Wildstorm #1 in homage with this comicbook!)

Citizen Soldier and his men has taken over the Capitol Building. Santini argues with Giant in keeping himself and the Homeland Security Squadron from interfering, given that Santini is wary of them possibly causing more civilian casualties (especially Giant's previous actions at the United Nations). In the end, Santini relents to the Squadron's intervention. Giant and Santini meet with Jukko and Jaeger at the Capitol Building. Jukko tells Santini that there is a looping feedback on the reanimated corpses of Citizen Soldier's men which negates his pain-absorption, and believes that he can find the one who is reanimating the soldiers by concentrating on the variances in incoming pain signals from the corpses. Giant has his team-members, Hexebus and Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade, go with Jukko and Jaeger to breach the Capitol. Meanwhile, Citizen Soldier abruptly enters the office of Senator Sonny Terns and confronts the senator, who is really Alias posing as Terns. Unaware that the real Terns had been secretly captured and replaced, Citizen Soldier claims vengeance for Terns' role for Citizen Soldier's two previous deaths. Alias tries to explain to him that he is not Terns, but Citizen Soldier doesn't believe him and he shoots Alias in the head. This causes Alias to revert to his real form and surprising Citizen Soldier. Back at the Capitol; Jukko, Jaeger, Hexebus and Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade fends off swarms of Citizen Soldier's men, both living and undead. Hexebus and Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade accidentally kill themselves in the struggle. Jukko and Jaeger are surrounded and confronted by the reanimator of the corpses, Deadhead, a skull-head post-human. Deadhead boast of what he will morbidly do to them and stating that he himself is among the real posthumans serving Citizen Soldier. Just as Deadhead leer his face close to Jukko, the latter transfer the pain and suffering from the dead onto Deadhead with a single touch. Deadhead is subdued and severing his control over the deceased. Tefibi informs Santini that he has got a teleportation signature on Citizen Soldier, who is now running. Santini then receives a call from a barely alive Alias who tells him of his ordeal. Since a witness had saw Alias being shot by Citizen Soldier, this makes Senator Terns officially dead. Santini has Alias teleport back to the UN headquarters to be treated before having his team trace Citizen Soldier. Team Achilles travels to where Citizen Soldier had gone to: Mount Vernon. The team finds that the historic landmark is vacant and Citizen Soldier has traveled to Boring, Ohio. Santini is confused as to why Citizen Soldier would make an extra stop until Golovin informs him that there is something that he really needs to see. Santini and Tefibi enters Washington's Tomb where the body of the Founding Father is missing and discovering the original identity of Citizen Soldier from the tomb's epitaph: "When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen." The Citizen Soldier is George Washington.