STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES #12#13#14#15#16 - DC COMICS (2003)



Ben Santini and Flint meets Denise Coleman, the ex-wife of Blake Coleman, in full uniform and informs her of her husband's death. Santini consoles Denise and gives her a letter written by Blake to their son and a check belonging to Blake's share of the Project Entry fund for Denise. She refuses the blood money, but Santini insists and recommends it for her son's college fund. Flint and Santini rides back to New York on subway as the two talk about Blake's family and the fact that Santini only allows members that don't have families to join Team Achilles. Flint then questions Santini as to what is Project Entry, which Santini then tells his story. Ever since Santini was still working for International Operations, he had request on possessing teleportation technology similar to the Authority's shift-door technology in order to replace their teleporters that have been dependent on orbital satellites. In so Santini funded a project known as Project Entry to create something similar to shift-door technology that can enter through other alternate dimensions and universes. After sending some observation robots through to such dimensions, Blake Coleman and a science team will enter in one dimension dubbed as the Entry Universe, where it is deliberately similar to their's. However, Ivana Baiul secretly learns of this and plots to eliminate Santini and his Black Razors once and for all. After Cole and his team entered the Entry Universe, they had been unheard for thirty hours. Following some time to form a rescue team, Santini learns from Dr. Kendricks that Blake's team went into a different universe that hasn't been on the science team's destination. Once Santini's team enters the Entry Universe they find an entire city in ruins and strewn with untold numbers of corpses. Upon entering this world their portal back home disappears. When one of their men, Wu, is having a panic attack of what they are seeing, the other Black Razor, Fleming, is kill by an unknown hostile. Santini's team flies to the ground and encounter Blake from an entrance to the subway station. Reunited, Blake tells Santini that his team also lost their portal like Santini's and suspects that they are being setup. The group meet with the science team's remaining survivor, Dr. Offenberg, who suspects further that their Project Entry machine is tampered with and that someone is sending them to the same doomed universe. Also, Blake's group had encountered what Santini's team were attacked and had maliciously killed two of Blake's team. Offenberg then has the needs from one of the deceased Black Razor's power armor to hail a homing signal from Project Entry. Just then Santini's other Black Razors is killed by their attacker, who reveals himself as a clawed, red tattooed superhuman.