The Shockrockets are Earth's last line of defense against everything from alien invasion to devastating earthquakes. So what happens when a rookie joins their ranks? Alejandro Cruz is the newest Shockrocket pilot, due to a fluke of fate -- but is he up to the job? He's untrained and inexperienced -- and the world has to depend on the Shockrocket squadron for their very survival. Can they take a chance on Alejandro, no matter what the circumstances? Can they afford to? "Command Decision" focuses on whether Alejandro will remain in the squadron, or whether he'll wash out. And in the high-pressure world of the Shockrockets, that could very well be a life-or-death decision... Plus: A crucial mission, a look at the Shockrockets' backers, and a hint or two about developing mysteries. The twists and turns are just starting -- don't miss out!