SCOOTER GIRL #1#2#3#4#5#6 - ONI PRESS (2003)


Scooter Girl is a miniseries by Chynna Clugston, which tells the story of two mod revivalists living in California. It is published by Oni Press and was one of Ain't It Cool News's Vroom Socko's Top Ten Comics of the 2000s. Scooter Girl follows the character of Ashton Archer through high school and his adult life. Ashton was formerly the most popular guy at his high school, being rich, having good grades, and also being able to sleep with any woman that he wanted. After meeting the Sheldons, Ashton goes through several unfortunate events, from his father having to file bankruptcy, to all of his girlfriends discovering that he's unfaithful, to the teachers discovering that his good grades are due to cheating. He later discovers that part of his bad luck was due to Margaret "accidentally" telling his girlfriends about one another, as well as her going out of her way to unnerve him. Because of this, Ashton relocates to San Diego to escape his bad reputation. Years later he discovers that his path has once again crossed with the Sheldons and Ashton begins to find that his life once again is being unsettled by Margaret's presence. In an attempt to woo her, Ashton begins to tutor her brother Drake as well as help him form a relationship with Kitty, a girl that had held a crush on Drake throughout high school. When his elderly grandfather tells him that Margaret is the embodiment of a curse that was set upon the family generations ago (which ends up being a fabrication of a senile old man), Ashton attempts to have her killed, only to later call it off. Eventually Ashton begins to realize that he truly cares for Margaret and makes a genuine attempt to date her, which she later accepts.