ROBIN #87#88#89 - DC COMICS (2001)


Robin returns to Brentwood Academy far too late and falls asleep on the roof of the academy. Meanwhile, Batman put Spoiler into the Batmobile and drives to the Batcave with her. Stephanie is in awe and asks the obvious question how this all is being funded. Batman avoids a clear answer and asks Spoiler to search for Robin as he has not checked back yet. In the evening, Tim finally wakes up after sleeping the whole day. But he immediately needs to step into action again to save a young boy from getting run over by a truck. The boy, Tommy Myers, obviously was drugged as he ran around with a cape. Tim needs to keep the boy alive through CPR until the ambulance arrives, but despite all this young Tommy dies on the way to the hospital. Next day, a depressed Robin meets Spoiler on the roof of the Academy and then he completely freaks out because Batman revealed Robin's secret identity to Stephanie. Angered Robin runs into the forest and right into his mentor. Batman says it was his decision, but Robin remains furious because he always honored Batman's secret identity, even at the cost of his life. Tim deducts that Batman sent Stephanie because he was afraid of running into Alfred. Seconds later Tim is gone and Batman holds Stephanie back because he thinks Tim needs to work this out himself. Stephanie has one question left though: "Who is Alfred?"