An infamous and militantly radical Japanese writer/philosopher and several acolytes land on the mysterious Island Zero, on the farthest northwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago. The object of opposing territorial claims by Japan and Russia, it is thus occupied by neither. Sneering at such concerns, the arrogant "master storyteller" claims it for Japan, but he and his followers find something unexpected -- the immense, rotting carcasses of vaguely prehistoric monsters. They've also caught the attention of Planetary, which has helped preserve the secret since uncovering it years earlier. Jakita tells Snow that after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, there were reports of a storm -- or something -- which resulted, five years later, in Island Zero being populated by monsters. Radioactive mutants? Refugees from a door opened from a parallel earth? Extra-terrestrial? No one is sure, but what is certain is that the monsters never left the island, and died off by the mid-'70s. A small armed defense and observation force was left on the island, which also responds to the trespassers. Planetary arrives on the scene too late to prevent the writer from unleashing a deadly nerve gas, killing everyone all but Snow and Wagner. En route to the military station to gather information, the two are awestruck by a giant, dragon-like creature flying overhead. Evidently monsters still live on Island Zero after all.