In 1893, a band of five adventurers gathered together to track down mythological creatures and discover the truth behind their reappearance. But...they ran afoul of Britain's Ministry of Objective Sciences and it's leader, the time traveler Mister Coble, made a pact with the captain of a ghost ship of pirates, succumbed to a strange transforming curse, were shipwrecked on a Cyclops-infested island, and had to sneak back into England disguised as drunk sailors. And they're just getting started.
After the tragic events of the Minotaur Expedition, the Mythstalkers regroup and recover back in London. Unfortunately, they didn't reckon with the faerie princess Valende and her sudden control of London's criminal underworld. That's the bad news. The good news is that the Mythstalker's arch-nemesis, Mister Coble, didn't either. Now the two enemies are both targeted by an organization both sinister and supernatural that threatens to overrun London... and it's all being made possible by one of the Mythstalkers themselves!