Mr. Majestic was created by H.K. Proger and Jim Lee, first appearing in WildC.A.T.s #11, cover dated June 1994. When Jim Lee was asked why he based Mr. Majestic so much on Superman, he stated that he was tired of seeing so many comic heroes who possessed great power but were too afraid to use it. Mr. Majestic possesses powers similar to those of Superman, but his personality is entirely different. Majestros has more militant views, as he is a Kheran warlord. The difference between the two is further portrayed when Majestros finds himself stuck on Superman's Earth. The two have an interesting conversation about Majestic's no-nonsense, all-business personality and Superman's more subtle approach to things. Subjects they discuss include the fact that Majestic put superhuman villains in prison without giving them a fair trial and getting into bouts with that world's heroes, claiming he finds them dismayingly reticent.