MONARCHY #10#11#12 - DC COMICS (2002)


Philadelphia - 3 days after the end of the world. Christine comes to Matt of The Young Authoritarians a story. There are ragged newspapers flying around outside: the headlines talk of Kansas being destroyed with no survivors. The Crown: Five days before. The team is in a morbid mood, they expect to die on their next mission. Christine recounts their goal for Addie Vochs and Metropolitan. As they discus their plans, Metropolitan feels guilty that his addition to the team cost them Jackson. And then the Chimerans attack. They attack The Crown, blasting it open to The Bleed. Back in Philadelphia, Christine says how they didn't know about Missouri or Kansas, split by images of devastation and destruction. she says that they only did it as a message. The Higher Power: Mistress Midnighter, Ecos, Apollyon, Devour, and the Technician. Dialing back the horror of the destruction, Christine talks to Matt about his origin-the school bus crash that turned him into a power battery for the Young Authoritarians. She also talks about how Farmer saved him, and her too. At The Crown, Professor Q is out cold, and when Metropolitan prepares to fight back, Farmer pulls him back, and goes in his place, giving Condition Red time to teleport the rest of the team to safety. The Higher power move in, only to find Farmer unleashing his powers. They survive, but only due to the Technician making a shield. Just outside Jefferson City, Missouri, Malcolm King and Agent Morro are talking. Malcolm calls Morro an idiot, saying he's over-complicating something that's very simple, that he shouldn't be so obsessed with Malcolm's peers, and more interested in the man himself. That Jackson's been messing with his mind. He undoes his shirt, and the Kheran Dream Engine extends form his chest. Malcolm's been holding onto it for King, and the rest of The Monarchy arrive on the scene.