MARTIAN MANHUNTER #28#29#30#31#32 - DC COMICS (2001)


The Phantom Stranger visits J'onn's home and requests that he aid the Sentinels of Magic in fighting Etrigan, who has become greatly empowered by the ley lines at Stonehenge. Using the Justice League teleporter, J'onn enters the fray, immediately pinning down the demon and demanding where Jason Blood is. Etrigan refuses to answer and attacks J'onn with Hellfire, rending the Martian helpless. Doctor Fate diverts Etrigan's attention, allowing Doctor Occult to heal the Martian Manhunter with the Stone of the Seven. Madame Xanadu points out that J'onn seems ill-suited for this battle, but J'onn realises the Phantom Stranger chose him for his understanding of dual nature. With Occult's help, J'onn separates into two individual beings, his Martian self and his first Earth persona, Detective John Jones. J'onzz stays to subdue Etrigan, while Jones - taking his telepathic powers - travels through Occult's portal to Jason Blood's apartment. The place is in disarray, as if someone has been searching for something. Jones' telepathy senses another presence in the room, the sorceress, Morgan le Fey. She reveals her Tesseract Jewel in which she trapped Jason Blood whilst setting the demon free, allowing her to seek out her true goal, the Philosopher's Stone, with which she can restore her power and beauty. Jones communicated with Blood's mind from within the jewel, revealing the location of the Stone hidden in a dimensional interface disguised as a paining. As soon as he removes the Stone, he hurls it at the Tesseract Jewel, destroying it, and freeing Jason Blood. Jones then contacts J'onzz telepathically, allowing the Martian Manhunter to recite the verse to revert Etrigan back to his mortal host. It was not yet over. Morgan is infuriated by her defeat and intends to kill John Jones, which would destroy that part of J'onn's being forever. Just as the witch conjures her lethal spell, it is intercepted just in time by Doctor Fate, reflecting the spell back on its caster, terminating her. J'onzz then attempts to bond with Jones once more, but part of Morgan's curse is exacted after all, and the Martian's being is now sundered in two.