Sally yells at Antoine, frustrated that he went on a mission to find her missing brother and didn't tell her. She storms off to confront her father, frustrated that he has been treating the citizens harshly and has been trying to dictate things like who she should marry. Having now learned that he kept her brother's existence a secret from her, she wonders what happened to his kind nature. The king explains that he wanted to protect their kingdom and admits that he's been ineffective, but suggests that the key to improving their situation lies on the Floating Island. Catweazle meets with Knuckles on the edge of the Floating Island, noting that he's been spending a lot of time in Echidnaopolis. Knuckles asks if there's been any need for the Guardian lately, and Catweazle sarcastically tells him that between rowdy dingoes, echidna businessmen developing over wildlife and Overlanders hunting them, everything's great. Knuckles tells him he'd rather deal with that than his family problems, and Catweazle makes light chitchat about Lara-Le remarrying and the possibility that Knuckles could soon have a new sibling.