JSA #7#8#9 - DC COMICS (2000)


Black Canary falls from a 5th story window, shattering the glass window on her way out. She desperately grabs onto an American Flag to slow down her fall before she smashes into a car below. She pushes herself to keep running as shadow figures chase her down the alleyway. Earlier that morning in New York, Jade woke up in a panic and was bleeding. She grabbed a picture and mentioned her twin brother's name recalling how they were always connected. Jade picked up the phone knowing something was wrong and called Alan Scott. At JSA Headquarters, Hawkgirl sat perched on a ledge in her atrium when Doctor Fate walked in. He mentioned that they are cousins and should talk. Hawkgirl remained aloof and said she's not one for family. In a newscast, the JSA heard the newcast that in Milwaukee all shadows have disappeared. No person or thing could cast a shadow. Alan Scott, in a somber tone, delivered the news that his son, Todd Rice, had potentially stopped his medication and had shown signs of schizophrenia. Since he had recently gone missing, he feared his powers may have grown out of control with his mental instability and could be causing the scene in Milwaukee. The JSA head to take the Steel Eagle to scope out the scene. Courtney recognized her step dad, Pat Dugan, as the mechanic. Sand explained he hired her stepdad. Upon arriving in Milkwaukee, Alan was attacked by a shadow figure and absorbed into the Shadowlands. Inside the Shadowlands Alan found a terrified Jim Rice. Ian Karkull appeared and revealed he feed on shadow souls, like Todd's. He told them what had kept them young with his shadow energy, and he wanted that power back.Several JSA members were absorbed by shadow figures. They become shadow figures themselves and attacked the other JSA members. Obsidian appeared and held several members captive. Courtney helped Black Canary to break free. Black Canary leaped through the window to escape. In the present, Courtney was surrounded by shadows. As she is about to be absorbed, a white light is suddenly emitted and Doctor Mid-Nite offers her assistance.