JSA #6#7#8#9#10 - DC COMICS (2000)



Director Bones sits in his car and embraces the recent public announcement that the JSA have reformed. At JSA Headquarters, the JSA stand outside of the building at a press conference. Hawkgirl appears aloof at the event. When Black Canary asks what is wrong, she claims to dislike public presentations. The JSA walk through the halls admiring the artifacts of the old JSA team when an earth tremor knocks them off balance. Sand dives into the Earth's crust to head to epicenter. Emerging to find a meteorite, Sand is suddenly attacked by Black Adam. The rest of the JSA arrive and attack Black Adam but are barely a match. Nabu had warned Doctor Fate and informed him of his weakness. Fate grabs Hourman and Hawkgirl to head back in time to ancient Egypt. They arrive at the Abu Simbel Temples, where Black Adam was first imbued with power. Using a mortal vessel, they siphon off a portion of the lightning that granted Black Adam his power and send it through time to the current Black Adam. This devolves Black Adam back to his mortal form. Agent Cameron Chase of the DEO arrives and takes Black Adam into custody. Bones watches the news report of the JSA's victory and finds it interesting. He wonders if they know about Hawkgirl's secret as he holds a DEO file on her. He thinks about getting in touch with the JSA soon.