JSA #63#64#65#66 - DC COMICS (2004)



Rex Tyler having recently returned to the mantle of "Hourman", stands outside the house of his wife Wendi Tyler who currently believes him dead, and is unable to speak to her. Meanwhile in the JSA Brownstone, Kendra Saunders and Courtney Whitmore are talking about how none of the JSA can sleep as they all have been suffering from nightmares, especially Kendra who dreams of being trapped in a storm unable to breathe or fly. In another room Power Girl overhears the others' conversation and remarks that she does not yet feel like she belongs to the team. And downstairs Jay Garrick and Mister Terrific are trying to locate Rex's son Richard Tyler who has been lost since the fight in Kahndaq.[1] All are interrupted, however, when an earthquake shakes the brownstone and "JSA" is carved into the street outside. At the same time, within the Amulet of Anubis, Nabu has been imprisoned by the souls of those who has previously been host to his essence. Doctor Fate and Fury then empower the previous hosts with Nabu's power to further keep him captive. As they return to Earth they are directed to the other members of the JSA by a mysterious voice. They discover the others talking to Cave Carson's Team and about to travel to find Sandman who was previously believed dead though now there seems to be signs of life. Fate explains that rescuing Sand's body alone will not suffice, and that there is also a mental component to his affliction—he is trapped in a dream-like dimension. A second expedition into his dream is undertaken by Doctor Fate, Stargirl, Brainwave, Flash and finally Hawkgirl who is necessary for the strong bond between Sand and herself. Underground the group enter a large cavern and are surrounded by golem-like beings. Inside Sand's dream the quintet are suddenly hit by a sandstorm as Sand becomes aware of their presence and he appears in the uniform of the original Sandman, Garrett Sanford.