JSA #32#33#34#35#36#37 - DC COMICS (2002)



Yesterday, in Keystone City, Johnny Thunder began a journey. Today, in the JSA brownstone, Power Girl is about to become the newest member of the Justice Society. Doctor Mid-Nite is giving her a physical, but she jokes that he just wanted to see her in her underwear. He gets to the matter: her powers are supposed to be magic-based, but his readings don't mesh with that—her powers seem to be biological in origin. He suggests hypnotic regression therapy at a later date. In the locker room, Power Girl meets the woman she's replacing, Black Canary, and wonders at the changes between the JSA's current stance and their stance the last time she worked with them. Black Canary gives her some pointers: Hawkgirl, Jakeem Thunder and Black Adam will be challenging; Mister Terrific and Doctor Fate will be withdrawn; Sand and Star-Spangled Kid will be welcoming. As Power Girl waves her goodbye, she sees Doctor Mid-Nite watching Dinah leave from a nearby roof. In the Tower of Fate, Hector Hall is trying to get answers from Nabu. Nabu remains aloof, but when Hector responds in anger, the Helm tangles him in the cloak and advises him to go to Gemworld. At the brownstone, Jakeem Thunder is trying to get Star-Spangled Kid to visit Metropolis with him. After she agrees, she walks in on Black Adam and Atom-Smasher, discussing something they shut up about when she enters the room. In the armory, Hawkman and Sand need to use the room at the same time. The situation is awkward, given their mutual attraction to Kendra, but they try to work around as friends. Later that day, at the weekly JSA briefing, Mister Terrific gives a run-down on villains the team has faced: the Thinker AI, the Council, Roulette and Obsidian are all active, and he and Power Girl are going to revamp the entire system to prevent any security breaches. Alex, the museum's caretaker, brings in Chinese takeaway for the team. Jakeem summons the Thunderbolt to make them a cake for dessert, when Johnny Thunder walks in. The team is surprised—Johnny has Alzheimer's and they didn't expect to see him about and active. But, he seems fine, and wants to talk to Jakeem. Once the two are alone, Johnny asks for the Thunderbolt to be returned to him. He points out that he wasn't in his right mind when he gave away the Thunderbolt, and then threatens Jakeem. Capitulating, Jakeem is shocked when Johnny uses the Thunderbolt to turn himself into a young, strong man—and announces that he is really the Ultra-Humanite!