JLA #94#95#96#97 - DC COMICS (2004)



Manitou Raven searches his new world for the source of a new evil he feels surfacing. Before he can do anything about it, however, he is smothered by rabid mystical bats. In Gotham City, Batman helps the police in the investigation of a young girl whose body is found in an alley. She appears to be originally from outside the neighborhood and one of the many missing children reported lately, but the first to turn up dead. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Superman is taking a quick sweep through the city when he comes upon a group of back alley teenagers freely entering an armored van. He comes down for a closer look when he is suddenly attacked by a monosyllabic brute in a purple robe named Grunt. They engage but a young girl, with the power to apparently control minds, stops Superman and turns him into a mindless slave. The children rush onto the van and speed off. The Flash reports to the Watchtower after investigating a missing girl in Central City but only to discover a strange symbol drawn on a piece of paper. The Doom Patrol bicker about fighting to get into the fray of super-heroics involving the missing children but The Chief forbids them from doing so. Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter head out to find Manitou in the desert but all that is left of him is his seeing stones. Wonder Woman acquires them and returns to the Watchtower so that the Atom can examine them. Outside of Metropolis the armored van pulls up outside a mansion. The children exit along with Superman and are greeted by the Crucifer, a vampire. He is pleased to see the mindless Superman that he turns the Man of Steel into a vampire in order to ensure his eternal servitude.