JLA #47#48#49 - DC COMICS (2000)



"THE QUEEN OF FABLES": A mother and child open an ancient book of fairy tales they have inherited from a distant German relative and accidentally unleash the Queen of Fables, the archetype of all the wicked stepmothers and fairies in ancient literature. The Queen wonders aloud who is the fairest in the land before turning on a television and sees Wonder Woman, in which she thinks she recognizes her. The Queen then proceeds to transform Manhattan into an enchanted forest. At the same time, depictions of fictional and legendary characters seem to evaporate from book pages and television screens. The JLA gathers to investigate, but the Queen of Fables finds them first, and takes Wonder Woman away from them, referring to their past antagonisms. Green Lantern realizes that the Queen believes Wonder Woman is Snow White, and the League muse on the dark origins of the modern fairy tales. They follow into the denser woods, while bickering about the decision to expel Batman from the League due to their past battle against Ra's al Ghul. Once inside, they discover that their powers no longer work, and split up to try and find Wonder Woman. Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man come upon a house made of cake, and as Plastic Man recounts the story of "Hansel and Gretel", he realizes that J'onn is in serious danger: the witch in that story liked to put her victims into a hot furnace-like oven. Meanwhile, Flash and Green Lantern discover Wonder Woman, seemingly dead in a crystal, above-ground, casket.