JLA #27#32#33#34 - DC COMICS (1999)



Green Lantern and Flash go to see Atom. Ray says he's not interested in rejoining the League. He is told to let the League know if he changes his mind. In Florida, Huntress, Steel, and Wonder Woman have discovered an Amazo android that is set to activate in one hour with the powers of the entire Justice League. Steel attempts to deactivate the android. In Tokyo, Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter are in the midst of a meeting when they are telepathically summoned to Florida to stand by in case the Amazo android activates. Amazo activates itself and begins fighting the JLA. Members from the expanded league arrive and begin fighting Amazo. Amazo begins copying their powers, adding them to its arsenal of firepower. Superman confronts Amazo and as chairman, disbands the JLA, causing the android to lose its powers and collapse. Once the threat is eliminated, the League is officially brought back into existence. Superman offers the Atom membership again, and he accepts.