On the run from the law, Bruce Banner hops off a train in the small town of Simetry, California. He slips into a diner and orders a coffee. The waitress gives him a free slice of pie, courtesy of the owner, who thinks he could use it, saying it must be his lucky day. A man suddenly sits in Bruce's booth, and says that it's not likely. The man knows who Bruce is, saying that he was there during the gamma bomb explosion that turned Banner into the Hulk. Bruce doesn't buy the man's story, pointing out that the only other person there that day was Rick Jones. The man also says he was there on the day in St. Louis when Bruce gave the young man named Jerome a talk about responsibility. He then informs Bruce that Jerome is a top-honor freshman at Missouri State. It's then that the stranger notices that Bruce is paying close attention to the State Troopers sitting at the lunch counter, assuring him that the officers are not interested in him...yet. The man then goes on to tell Bruce about a fated even later this evening where an abusive husband comes home and, thinking his wife was cheating on him, murders her with a knife. Bruce listens to this story, but has no interest in believing that he will intervene in such a situation. Bruce then asks the man's name, and he says he is a "clairy" named Even Matthews. He suddenly pulls a gun out on Bruce and tells him to follow him outside, saying the diner is not a place to discuss things should Banner happen to turn into the Hulk.