IMPULSE #67#70 - DC COMICS (2001)



Max Mercury is enjoying his restored powers after reconnecting with the Speed Force. On top of that his daughter Helen Claiborne organized a surprise party for Max involving heroes from the JLA, JSA and S.T.R.I.P.E. Everybody is happy for Max, but Martian Manhunter is disappointed that Max did not ask them for help when he needed it. Another topic of discussion is Impulse and Max is actually disgusted about how bad heroes like Green Lantern of Plastic Man speak about him despite the huge part Bart played in giving Max literally a second life. Meanwhile, Bart and his friends are on the way to the party as well. Bart offers some lame explanations for Max's recovery and his friends tell him how happy they are that he is back to his old habits. When Bart opens the door to his home, he shuts it again quickly because he did not expect superheroes in costumes there. Luckily, Superman spots Bart outside tells everybody to change into civilian clothes. During the party, Jay Garrick pulls Max outside. Both put on costumes again and run around the globe at super speed while talking and constantly saving people left and right. They discuss Bart's progression and Jay suggests that Max should tell Bart about how he feels about his positive development. Bart also went outside to play with his dog. Carol follows him and they talk about the recent events. Bart tells her how he misses Dox from the virtual reality, but more importantly that he feels he is coming short compared to what Inertia did as Impulse. But his fear is unfounded because after the party Max tells Bart how proud he is of his accomplishments and the person he has become. To Max Bart is like a son now. With his limited attention span Bart seemed a little bored the longer Max's speech went, but he is happy and replies that he loves Max too. On a sidenote, Bart decides to rename his dog to Dox ..