IMPULSE #58#59#60#61 - DC COMICS (2000)



While Helen Claiborne goes to work at the dentist's office and Bart Allen goes to school, Max Mercury spends the day running around the world and helping people in need. An earthquake in China has buried a woman under some debris, and as Max rescues her, she asks him why she's never heard of him. Max admits he prefers to remain anonymous and tells her that during the 1800s, a man named Lucius Keller once tried to invent a rocket engine. But the engine exploded, killing his family. Keller blamed Max for not saving his family, and he tracked down and killed everyone Max had rescued. The woman in China helps Max realize he can't blame himself for what other people do. On his way home, Max gets a checkup at Dr. Morlo's. But the reformed mad scientist only has bad news for Max. His recent injuries — a gunshot and a battle with Kalibak — has weakened Max's connection with the Speed Force, and he is only performing at 80 percent of his previous level. Morlo worries that if they don't reestablish Max's connection with the Speed Force, it will destroy him.