IMPULSE #52#53#54#55 - DC COMICS (1999)



Max Mercury talks to Bart Allen regarding his report card which was sent from school today. Bart did pass, but all teachers want him to be more focused. Max agrees with this, but Bart already is distracted again because he wants to the park where a 4th of July celebration is taking place. After Bart is gone, Max suggests that his daughter Helen Claiborne should take over the responsibility of raising Bart. At the park, Bart joins his friends Preston Lindsay and Wade. Carol Bucklen is there with her friend Ayana who seems pretty interested in Bart. Everybody moves to the woods and the kids are having a blast blowing some firecrackers. Meanwhile, Max waits for his daughter at her dental office. Suddenly, something explodes as Inertia used a Boom Tube to open a portal and bring Kalibak to Earth. Inertia transported Kalibak right away from a prison cell on Apokalips. Kalibak immediately attacks Max because of their recent history. Inertia continues with his plan by teleporting into the woods where Bart and his friends are playing. Using thousands of litres of a liquid called technoplasm he forms a huge green monster which is controlled by Craydl and which directly goes after the kids. Bart quickly changes into Impulse and when he realizes he is facing no living subject, he destroys the monster by using his vibration powers. However, the disintegrated technoplasm splashes all over Impulse making him stick to the ground. This is the moment Inertia has waited for ...