IMPULSE #50#51#52 - DC COMICS (1999)



It's April 1st and Helen Claiborne pranks Impulse. But after she explained what April Fool's is about, Impulse just takes off with a big grin on his face as he thinks about doing something with Robin. He runs to Gotham City and reaches a warehouse where a hostage situation is going on. And it involves The Joker, Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Batman does not want Impulse to get involved because the Joker is just too dangerous. But Joker gets aware of Impulse being there and so Batman agrees on Bart helping him if he does not talk to him and does not get closer to the Joker than 20 feet. Joker forces Bart to do everything he says, otherwise his famous gas would flow into the warehouse through the sprinkler system. While Bart finishes all missions the Joker sets up for him, Batman is able to find the gas cannister and disconnect it from the water pipes. When Joker realizes Batman took out some of his associates, he initiates his plan. But as only water comes out of the sprinklers, he instead uses his flamethrower and an Uzi. While Impulse rescues the hostages and plays a little trick on Joker's cellphone, Batman is able to defeat his arch enemy. A little later, Batman praises Bart and tells him that Barry Allen would be proud of him. Impulse does not know though, that all his movements are observed on a computer by a mysterious figure ...