HERCULES #1#2#3#4#5 - MARVEL COMICS (2005)


Infant Hercules is in his cradle, attacked by two snakes sent by his stepmother Hera. The baby strangles the snakes and…the director yells, “Cut!” Gordon Allsworth is in charge of making a Hercules centered reality show and doesn’t like how it’s going and he fears for his career. The producer, Tiberius Stone, makes a surprise appearance, terrifying Gordon. Stone tells him the problem with the show is that it is too respectful of its subject as Hercules is now tabloid fodder. Stone shows Gordon film of a drunken Herc’s appearance at the Avengers’ funeral, mourning for Thor, assaulting various heroes, and causing a ruckus. Stone wants a show that exploits Herc’s current pure reputation….At Avengers Mansion, Captain America presides over the unveiling of a memorial to their fallen teammates. At the Extra Points Bar, an inebriated Hercules hurls a chair at the TV and clobbers the bouncer when he tries to eject the Price of Power. The lady manager was willing to put up with Herc’s antics because he pays in gold but she is getting tired. Herc is accompanied by Jimmy, a cameraman recording his activities for the TV show and uses his connection to the hero to try to pick up woman. Herc suspects the manager is smitten with him and starts listing his Twelve Labors of legend. He admits it was done as punishment, levied by King Eurystheus, and excuses himself to go to the restroom. He is confronted by a sinister cloaked figure who hurls Herc through the door and reveals himself to be Hercules’ ancient enemy, Achelous the river god. In the form of a human bull, Achelous uses his serpentine tail to strangle Herc into submission, then drags him outside to a waiting limousine. Inside is Eurystheus, happy to see Hercules after all these years….