HAWKMAN #5#6#7#8 - DC COMICS (2002)



Kendra and Carter are back in St. Roch, and Kendra accepted to work inside the Stonechat Museum. As they patrol the city flying, Mr. Cook, a VIP native of the city, is shot through the heart with an arrow, during the celebration of a festival. Carter tells Kendra to bring the victim to an hospital, while Hawkman follows the suspected killer. In truth, Carter stops the true Green Arrow, and wrestles with him. Oliver makes him realize that the real killer escaped thanks to his misjudgement: the two start arguing, also because Oliver tells Carter that trying to fall in love with Kendra is wrong, being her only around twenty. As Hawkman gets angry, the two scuffle again but soon agree they have better things to do. They have a killer to catch. They all regather inside the Stonechat Museum, where Oliver tells Hawkman he would like to know Carter Hall, and not his savage counterpart, better. The two really do not get along, but they get interrupted by Hawkgirl who finally makes Oliver explain what was happening: ten years before, he was part of a group who financed a company, also buying ground here, nearby St. Roch. The company failed, but the ground is still valuable, and all the victims the killer made were part of that ten men group. Also, the killer is trying to frame Green Arrow for it. Kendra tells them that Cook, the man shot at the festival, is in truth alive as he had a peacemaker that shielded him from certain death: authorities are keeping it a secret. Oliver tells them only three of those men were not attacked: one is himself, one is a guy he knows nothing of, only his last name, Ludlow. The last one is Alfred Sleissenger, owner of the Flying Pig Casino right here in St. Roch. Oliver was not able to contact him, and his penthouse is probably the most guarded place in town. The three decide to act: Hawkman will distract security, while Hawkgirl will try to get Oliver inside. As they fly towards the casino, Oliver asks her if Hawkman is making her adopting the name of Hawkgirl, but Kendra tells him he's not: it's her choice, a tribute to her aunt. As they enter the place, the killer is already there: Thomas Ludlow, one of the ten investors, is behind the deadly plot.