GREEN LANTERN #132#133#134#135#136#137 - DC COMICS (2001)



Fatality has returned to Earth and she is wreaking havoc in New York City. As the lone survivor of the planet Xanshi she has made it her destiny to kill all Green Lanterns. Ironically, she now possesses a power ring herself, albeit a yellow one. After Jade informed Kyle Rayner about Fatality's return, the current Green Lantern immediately sets off to oppose her. But as Kyle is becoming more involved in saving innocent bystanders, Fatality uses this diversion and flees. Kyle quickly deducts that she actually might be after John Stewart who was initially responsible for the destruction of Fatality's homeworld. When Kyle reaches John's appartment, Fatality already has overwhelmed the former Green Lantern and threatens to kill his girlfriend Merayn. After scanning the area around the appartment, Kyle surgically blinds Fatality before blowing her out of the building. Fatality tries to fight back, but Kyle eventually defeats her so that she actually begs him to kill her. Kyle asks her to give him the yellow power ring, but as Fatality takes it off her finger, her left arm explodes and the ring is gone. Kyle transports the injured woman to S.T.A.R. Labs where she will get a prostethic - a similar one she already possesses as her right arm. Meanwhile, the yellow ring is back with the Qwardians who think that the test was succesful. Now they intend to hand the ring to a person who is a much better fit to put the world into chaos. This person is Alex Nero, an inmate of the psychatric ward at Bellevue Hospital. His doctors describe him as schizophrenic characterized by paranoid delusions and prone to violent outbursts ...