GREEN LANTERN #125#126#127#128 - DC COMICS (2000)



Green Lantern shows up late for a JLA meeting at the Watchtower. The League has decided to extend their headquarters in the lower levels and Kyle now is supposed to dig out the necessary space. sing his power ring, the digging work is not that hard, but then he suddenly finds a stone door with runes on it. Kyle cannot stop himself and breaks in to find a silent robot army reminding him of the famous Terra Cotta Warriors. When the robots awake, Kyle is sure they exist to protect some kind of tomb. Green Lantern fights the robots and defeats them easily before investigating the casket a little closer. However, the huge alien bug inside is not dead at all and starts to attack Green Lantern. Kyle now realizes that these robots were not present to protect the tomb, but to guard a prisoner. Kyle has problems at first, but then has the idea to use some of the robot's weaponry which obviously was custom made to deal with the prisoner. He is successful and puts the alien back into his cell before returning back to the Watchtower ...