GOTHAM CENTRAL #28#29#30#31 - DC COMICS (2005)



"KEYSTONE KOPS": Miguel and his sister, Anna, run from a bully, Jesus, who is mad that his knife was taken away at school. Anna runs to get the GCPD. Upon arriving, the GCPD run into the last location of the boys. They find the boys trapped by a mysterious green goo on the ground. When one of the boys accidentally knocks another container over, it starts a fire engulfing officer Andrew Kelly. At the station, Renée Montoya bets Maggie Sawyer to let her take the case since she knows Kelly from No Man's Land.Sawyer finally agrees to give it to her as long as Crispus Allen is lead on the case. At the scene, Montoya takes over the case from Arrazio who initially gives her sass saying she's too close to the what's happened. She reminds him that she doesn't say anything when he takes an Inzerillo case and Arazzio immediately shuts up. Montoya tells him to take statements from a man in an apron with a mustache who knows everyone in the neighborhood. Allen reveals it's her dad and she says she hasn't spoken to him since she told them she wasn't straight and they disowned her. The fire chief tells them that it doesn't look like a traditional fire. There was no scarring on the walls and no smoke stains on the ceiling. He says it's like fire never rose. Miguel claims the fire burned but it wasn't hot. Allen finds a copy of the periodic table on the ground, which has some allegedly undiscovered elements added. The table has the name Albert Desmond on it and Renee calls it in to discover it's one of the Rogues, Dr. Alchemy. Since he's locked up at Iron Heights, it's very confusing. At the St. Luke's Hospital, doctors are working on Andrew Kelly's charred body when all of a sudden he wakes up quickly with a hysterical laugh and deranged look.