GOTHAM CENTRAL #12#13#14#15 - DC COMICS (2004)



Commissioner Mike Akins and Mayor Daniel Dickerson discuss the new budget cuts. Mayor Dickerson tells Akins that overtime will no longer be funded for GCPD. Aikens warns him his agents will have to go home in the middle of a case when time matters most. Suddenly, an unseen sniper shoots Mayor Dickerson in the head through the window. As various officers are at the scene, Crispus Allen quips that the clock ended on his shift and he should leave. Another shooting is reported. Maggie Sawyer receives a call that superintendent Purnell was shot at a local playground. Two hours later, Marcus Driver pushes to investigate the scene as it's snowing and they're potentially destroying evidence. Ron Probson is disappointed that Sawyer is taking control and showing off her power with the murder scene organization. Sawyer walks outside to tell the press the police are not ready to make a comment on the two dead city officials, but will hold a press conference later. Renée Montoya is agitated that there is no more coffee at the station and Allen calls her out that something else is bothering her. She admits she's worried about taking the 'red-ball case'. At the schoolyard, Romy Chandler reports that there was a witness that saw the original shooting of the mayor. Suddenly, shots are fired and officers Nora and Curtis are shot. Driver stays in the line of fire as he doesn't want to leave Nora to bleed out. Everyone else dives to cover. Someone spots the source of the shooter in a building across the street and call it in. Q.R.T. swats the building. Josh Azeveda and Josie MacDonald look around the building and a computer is left open with a screen saying, "Batman for Mayor", paid for by the Joke's on You Committee. Josie calls in claiming to have found the Sniper's nest. Probson is shocked by what she says on the phone. Probson drags Stacy upstairs to turn on the bat signal. Jackson Davies recommends he stop and talk to the captain, or commissioner, before proceeding. He forces Stacy to turn on the signal anyways. As she does, Batman swoops down and immediately moves Stacy out of the way just as a sniper bullet hits the stairs where she was standing. He tells her, "it's Joker" and she replies that she knows.