FLASH #189#190 - DC COMICS (2002)



Wally West and Linda are skating at the Keystone City Combines arena. The discuss how excited they are to have a kid. Wally asks Linda if she needs a ride home but she mentions she's going to meet up with Cliff from school who is a little talkative but "harmless." Wally runs off and runs into Goldface who is running a union meeting and talking about how they'll rebuild the town from the destruction the Rogues caused in the previous issue. Wally visits Jesse Quick who tells him her bankrupt company is fine, and that it was a computer error that they never lost the money the Rogues allegedly stole[1]. Wally invites her over for dinner. Jay Garrick is training Impulse in his backyard. Jay tells Wally that Joan is going to be OK, and her cancer is treatable. Wally visits Cyborg, who is still undergoing treatments for his metallic paralysis. Wally asks Jared Morillo how he survived Plunder's shots since Fred Chyre won't tell him. Morillo smiles and tells him, "It's... complicated." Wally visits Iris Allen and Fred Chyre is there. They've come to grips with the situation of Iris taking care of Joshua Jackam. Wally discusses with Hunter Zolomon about Pied Piper's innocence and that they can now prove he was hypnotized and his parents were murdered by Mirror Master. They inform Gregory Wolfe that Piper will need to be released but when they arrive to his cell, he's already busted out and escaped.