Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules is a four-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. The series imagines that the creators of the Fantastic Four were inspired by people encountered in their own lives during the late 1950s and provides a backstory for those analogues. Dr. Reed Richards lives in the small town of Glen Cove and works at Columbia University, attempting to discover a practical use for the sub-atomic particles that he has discovered. He is so absorbed in his work that he forgets that he is due to host a cocktail party for his faculty colleagues and only informs his girlfriend, Susan Sturm on the day of the party itself. To compound this oversight he is unexpectedly called away on government business and fails to inform Susan of the situation. Susan struggles to cope with her domestic duties (including preparing for the party) and providing some guiding discipline for her listless and frustrated younger brother, Johnny - both of their parents having died in a car accident some time previously. In addition, Susan hosts a women's circle made up of some acquaintances of her late mother and some other, younger women. The circle discusses Peyton Place. The discussion turns into a heated debate between the conservative older women and the younger, more liberal women, at least one of whom feels strong echoes between the small town repression of the book and her own life in Glen Cove.