FANTASTIC FOUR #45#46#47#48#49 - MARVEL COMICS (2001)


A day earlier the Thing was in Reed's lab with the rest of the Fantastic Four and Namorita trying to find a way to help Johnny regain control of his flame powers. Although Reed builds a containment sphere that dampens Johnny's powers, it only proves to be a temporary solution as Johnny's powers flare out of control again. Johnny is horrified by the inability to control his powers. Reed warns that the Nega-Energy that he absorbed during their battle with the Gideon Trust is the cause and that draining this energy could be a risk to his health. However, Mister Fantastic believes that he can devise a suit that Johnny can wear that will help him regulate his powers, but it will affect his ability to fly. Johnny is not concerned about being able to fly, telling Reed that he is willing to sacrifice anything in order to be able to hold Namorita's hand again. This get's Ben thinking and he turns his attention to yet another letter that he has received from Alicia Masters...