Enslaved by a mannequin symbiote, the Invisible Woman assists her captor, Ronan the Accuser, in attacking the Watcher's Citadel located on the Moon's Blue Area. The fury of their attack is detected at the nearby Project: Starcore facility where S.H.I.E.L.D. agents scramble to try and keep the facility online. Converned by this the Project: Starcore staff decide to contact their employer, Stark Solutions and inform them what is happening on the Moon. On a private island on Lake Washington, Stark Solutions owner Tony Stark is throwing a party when he is informed by his aid Pepper Potts that there is a priority call. Answering it in his study. There Tony recounts how his Iron Man armor is now slowly killing him with an energy field that it is generating. Working on a redesign, Tony decides to use it to go into space, knowing his Starcore staff would not call him over a false alarm.