DV8 #30#31 - DC COMICS (1999)


Stephen Callahan explains to Frostbite that he survived being shot by Black Razors and that IO kept him as a comatose test subject for decades. When Baiul went on the run with DV8, Frank Colby—the one who shot Callahan—used the destruction of Project: Genesis as cover to awaken him and get him into hiding. Callahan then uses his powers to restore Frostbite’s powers. At IO, Sublime leaves for Arkansas to investigate Frostbite’s apparent death. In the gym, after losing a volleyball game, an irritated Copycat tries to possess Freestyle. The interaction of their powers causes Gem’s core personality to resurface for the first time since the battle with Threshold. She has no memory of events since so Freestyle tells her about everything she missed. Baiul calls a meeting of IO’s department heads and informs them of the blackmail footage. Convinced that one of them could be the blackmailer, she demands that each of them say they are not. The next day in Arkansas, Sublime visits the police and gets the official report on Frostbite’s death. After she leaves, one cop contacts IO, and the police try to arrest her an hour later. She phases herself beneath the street to escape, but a squad of Keepers arrive, tear up the street to get her, and neutralize her powers. Fortunately, Frostbite arrives and drives them off with his powers. He then introduces her to Callahan.