The being pretending to be Doctor Strange watches as the various time displaced members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four attempt to obtain slices of a mystical golden apple from different points in their own histories. Focusing in on the Fantastic Four in particular he views the Thing battling the Frightful Four at Whisper Hill; Johnny fighting the Inhuman royal family in Attilan; Reed fighting his own teammates within the Enclave's Beehive; and Sue watching as the past version of Reed fights it out with the Sub-Mariner in Atlantis. In all cases someone else has taken possession of the golden apple slices. "Strange" orders the Thing to kill the Wizard; Johnny to kill Black Bolt; Reed to kill that era's Thing; and Sue to slay the Sub-Mariner. However none of the heroes can bring themselves to kill someone no matter what is at stake. Stuck at an impasse, "Doctor Strange" returns to the present and approaches the high tech facility of the woman known as Miss Queen. Inside the ageing woman demands the audience of her assistance Lester. She once again demands progress, something that Lester guarantees will soon be hers.