CYCLOPS #1#2#3#4 - MARVEL COMICS (2001)


After a Danger Room training session with Wolverine, Beast, and Jean Grey, Cyclops is summoned by Professor X, who insists that he take a break from the X-Men for some personal reflection time. Cyclops leaves on his motorcycle and decides to drive to Anchorage, Alaska. Reflecting on his childhood, he is caught by an oncoming blizzard and pulls over to a motel. While he is checking in, he is attacked by Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy. Cyclops quickly knocks out Black Tom by destroying a nearby car, then lures Juggernaut onto a frozen lake, where he blasts a hole in the ice and sinks Juggernaut. As Cyclops questions Black Tom about why they are attacking him, Juggernaut reappears with the motel desk girl as a hostage. Cyclops, however, holds Black Tom as a hostage, knocks him out with an optic blast, and threatens to kill him unless Juggernaut releases the civilian. Juggernaut complies and confesses that he and Black Tom were hired by a new foe, Ulysses, to kill Cyclops for one million dollars. Cyclops convinces Juggernaut to return to Ulysses and lie and say that Cyclops was dead. Juggernaut and Black Tom leave, unaware that Cyclops has planted a tracking device on Black Tom. Cyclops then leaves to follow them to the mysterious Ulysses.