CATWOMAN #10#11 - DC COMICS (2002)



Selina Kyle meets with Bruce Wayne to discuss a project she wants to undertake. She tells him she has the money from some diamonds she inherited and Bruce continues to be astonished that she's still alive. Rebecca Robinson is on trial for a crime she pleads innocent. She recalls being caught in a ride with Ricky O'Hallaran and ended up in a car accident killing Ricky. Rebecca didn't know there was also a body in the trunk and when she woke in the hospital she had been charged with murder as an accomplice. Selina breaks her out of Police Custody that evening when she's being transported by armored vehicle. She gives her a passport and hair dye for her to get out of the country. She reveals herself to be Selina Kyle and says it's payback for owing her. Rebecca remembers breaking into a bathroom where Selina was being attacked by two boys when they were younger. One of the boys slashed her cheek. Batman questions Selina's decision to break the law, but Selina says it was the right thing to do.