The issue begins with Donald trekking through the snow to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He knocks on the door and Brit opens it. Brit greets Donald and invites him in. Donald tells him that it would be easier to avoid Erickson and Dr. Rodgers if he didn't have to secure a helicopter every time he went to visit. Brit tells him to let them come, he doesn't even care. But Donald tells him that he has no idea how pissed off they are that Brit got away from them in Asia. Donald walks in to greet Jessica and is shocked to find that she is very pregnant. They start to catch up but their talk is interrupted by an alarm going off. Brit yells at Jessica and Donald to get in the basement. Jessica opens a security hatch and climbs down. Brit goes outside and finds Erickson and Rodgers with a squad of soldiers and a bunch of high tech weapons. Erickson tells him that he is coming with them whether he wants to or not. He had to have known if he kept making contact with Donald they would find him. Brit replies that maybe they are exactly where he wants them. Erickson just laughs but Brit uses a communication device and asks Jessica to turn on the motion sensors. A weapons system pops out of the ground. Brit smiles and tells them not to move. Erickson pauses for a second but gives the order to attack. Rodgers starts firing lasers at Brit.