The issue opens with Brit and Donald approaching an enormous traffic jam. The villain Mastermind had just been patrolled six hours earlier and is using his mind control powers to force everyone on the freeway to dance. Donald surmises that he wanted a party to celebrate his release. Brit remarks that he has the perfect gift in mind for him, but Donald reminds him that their superiors at the government want Mastermind alive at all costs. They want to take him apart and see if they can recreate his powers. Brit makes sure that the ear piece he has in will block Mastermind's powers and jumps out of the helicopter and walks into the crowd. The crowd begs for Brit's help as he walks by and tell him that they can't control what they are doing. Mastermind wonders why he's not dancing like everyone else. Brit tells him that he's not allowed to kill Mastermind but he plans to hurt him real bad. Mastermind just smirks and forces the crowd to form a huge monster looking pile by climbing all over each other.