BLADE #1#3#4#5#6 - MARVEL COMICS (1999)


There is a dark movement creeping through the night -- a gathering of the bloodsucking kind! And this vampiric convention heralds the coming of the most terrifying demonic entity ever -- the dreaded Daywalker! Only one man possesses the means to halt this unholy entrance, and that man is Blade, the half-vampire/half-human warrior! But what if the slayer himself is slain? And who are the mysterious agents of Silvereye that are watching all? It's X-Files meets The Lost Boys! It's the supernatural meets super heroics! It's cool characters like the Reaper, Saracen the monk and Hrolf the hunter! It's demons, vampires, the undead and the barely living! It's a high adrenaline adventure! It's Blade like you've never seen him -- but always wanted to! It's hi-tech horror in the Mighty Marvel Manner!