BIRDS OF PREY #20#21 NIGHTWING #45#46 - DC COMICS (2000)


"THE HUNT FOR ORACLE": Nightwing and Nite-Wing find themselves in the clutches of Blockbuster who has hired two siblings specialized in torturing. While Nite-Wing gets thrown into a cell, the torturers shall do their work on Nightwing to find out anything regarding Oracle. Some other thugs are searching the area around Blockbuster's house for a vehicle. They find the Nightbird which automatically engages its defense systems. But that does not prevent the car getting blown up by a Bazooka. Meanwhile, Blockbuster covers all angles as he has not only hired the two computer experts Mouse and Giz to digitally locate Oracle, but also Lady Vic and Brutale to bring down Black Canary. As Mouse and Giz are using secured hardware from the Nightbird to locate Oracle, Nightwing is treated with a truth serum, but Dick only acts as if being affected by it and the headbutts the two siblings. When one of them wants to continue the interrogation using an electric drill, they are suddenly gunned down by none other then Cisco Blaine, the right hand of Blockbuster. Nightwing is perplexed to hear that Blaine actually is a federal agent.