Fujoshi, or Yaoi fandom supporters of femme gay media aimed at teenage girls represent an ever-increasing market in Japan. Best of Bishonen presents an up-to-date art collection of beautiful boys popular with Fujoshi or Yaoi girls. Seventy-nine artists are featured within, with details in Japanese and English. Some of the artworks are actually sought-after illustrations taken from the popular online game Touken Ranbu (in which players control legendary swords anthropomorphized as attractive young men) and Vocaloid PV. Best of Bishonen promises to satisfy Fujoshi girls with its unique claim as the complete Yaoi art collection! Best of Bishonen is also an indispensable book for anyone wishing to sample the visual pulse of this exciting trend. Additionally, five artists have created new original works exclusively for this project. Featured illustrators include: Shishunnki Suzuki Jiro Naoe Marimo Nao Tsukiji Fuji Mitsuya Toinana Aomiya Kara Shikimi Nagarenaitessyu And more!...